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Structural Classification of Drugs-A quick Reference Guide

Structural Classification of Drugs-A quick Reference Guide

Published by BSP Books

Course Code : Pharmacy
Author : N Pramod,G M Basha
University : General for All University
Categories : Pharmacy
Format : ico_bookPDF (DRM Protected)
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This book is written to make the students get rid of the phobia in medicinal chemistry. I don, t say that you can learn classification of drugs in medicinal chemistry at a glance with the help of this book but this book will help you to practice the structures in classification of drugs repeatedly. This book will save much of your time in acquiring knowledge in medicinal chemistry. I can assure that this book will help both in competitive exams like GPAT and also in university exams. I can confidently say this book will definitely bring confidence to every student in medicinal chemistry. I encourage advices and suggestions for progress in future

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