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Basics of Atmospheric Dynamics

Basics of Atmospheric Dynamics

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Course Code : Meteorology
Author : R N Keshavamurty
University : General for All University
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This book on ‘Basics of Atmospheric Dynamics’ is authored by Dr. R.N. Keshavamurty. IMS is very much thankful to Dr. Keshavamurty for devoting his time to write the book which will eventually benefit the students. He made outstanding contributions in advancing scientific understanding of the Indian Monsoon. He played a key role in developing climate modeling activities in India. He has published several important papers in reputed journals and supervised several students leading to PhD. He authored a book on ‘Physics of Monsoons’. After his tenure as Director of IITM, Prof. Keshavamurty devoted several years in lecturing on Atmospheric Science in Bangalore University, S.V.University Tirupati, Allahabad University and in several other institutions. This book which is based on several years of research and teaching experience of Prof. R.N. Keshavamurty, I am sure, will help the students of meteorology to a great extent. 

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